BNCOD 2001 - Advances in Database Systems


Panel Position Papers and Posters
presented at the
!8th British National Conference on Databases
9th-11th July 2001
CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Oxfordshire, UK

K D O'Neill and BJ Read (Eds)

Table of Contents

Title Country Authors Available in pdf format
The MacWrap Project: Using an Object-Relational DBMS for an Open Multimedia Database System DE W Lindner & A Heuer [full text]
A CORBA and XML Based Gene Expression Database UK Y Yang, A Waterhouse, D Davidson & R A Baldock [full text]
The Choice of the Solution Space for Optimisation of Parallel Queries with Large Joins UK K Al Nafjan & J Kerridge [full text]
Combining Machine Learning and Active Objects for Parallel Data Mining ES F Medjahed & F Fern?ndez [full text]
Termination Analysis of Active Rules Modular Sets F A Couchot [full text]
The CLRC Data Portal UK J V Ashby, J C Bicarregui, D R S Boyd, K Kleese - van Dam, S C Lambert, B M Matthews & K D O'Neill [full text]
Conceptual Consistency Management in Multidatabases: The FEvoS Framework UK N Pittas, A C Jones & W A Gray [full text]
Time, Information Services and the Grid UK B Coghlan, A Djaoui, S Fisher, J Magowan & M Oevers [full text]
Towards an Agreeable Model of Type Inheritance UK H Darwen [full text]
Different Types of Inheritance UK M Jackson [full text]
Inheritance Hierarchies and View Hierarchies UK W Nutt [full text]