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Academic Press aka Academic Press (Publisher) Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (2001- ) aka ASTeC (Department) ACCMOR Collaboration aka ACCMOR (Collaboration) AGATA Collaboration aka AGATA (Collaboration) ALADIN COLLABORATION aka ALADIN (Collaboration) ALEPH Collaboration aka ALEPH (Collaboration) ALICE COLLABORATION aka ALICE (Collaboration) ALMA Pipeline Team aka ALMA Pipeline (Collaboration) ALPHA Collaboration aka ALPHA (Collaboration) Am Chem Soc, Div Polym Chem aka Am Chem Soc, Div Polym Chem (Publisher) American Chemical Society aka American Chemical Society (Publisher) Archaeopress aka Archaeopress (Publisher) ASTeC - Accelerator Physics aka ASTeC-AP (Group) ASTeC - Diagnostics and Lasers (2013 -) aka ASTeC-DL (Group) ASTeC - Intense Beams aka ASTeC-IB (Group) ASTeC - Magnetics and Radiation Sources aka ASTeC-MaRS (Group) ASTeC - Photonics Group aka ASTeC-Ph (Group) ASTeC - Radio Frequency & Diagnostics aka ASTeC-RFD (Group) ASTeC - RF and Cryogenics Group (2013 -) aka ASTeC-RFC (Group) ASTeC - Vacuum Science aka ASTeC-VS (Group) ATF Collaboration aka ATF (Collaboration) ATLAS Collaboration aka ATLAS (Collaboration) ATLAS HLT Group aka ATLAS_HLT (Collaboration) ATLAS ITk aka ATLAS ITk (Collaboration) ATLAS SCT Barrel Module Collaboration aka ATLAS_SCT (Collaboration) ATLAS TDAQ Collaboration aka ATLAS TDAQ (Collaboration) ATLAS TRT Collaboration aka ALTAS_TRT (Collaboration) AXIAL Field Spectrometer Collaboration aka AXIAL (Collaboration) BABAR Collaboration aka BABAR (Collaboration) BABAR Computing Group aka BABAR_COMPUTING (Collaboration) BEBC TST Neutrino Collaboration aka BEBC_TST_NEUTRINO (Collaboration) Big European Bubble Chamber aka BEBC (Collaboration) Business and Information Technology (2001-2006) aka BITD (Department) Business and Innovation aka BID (Department) Calice aka Calice (Collaboration) CDF Collaboration aka CDF (Collaboration) Central Laser Facility (1977- ) aka CLF (Department) CERN Muon Storage Ring Collaboration aka CERN Muon (Collaboration) CHLM Collaboration aka CHLM (Collaboration) CHM Collaboration aka CHM (Collaboration) CLEO Collaboration aka CLEO (Collaboration) CLF - Laser Science and Developments aka CLF-LSD (Group) CLF - Science-Artemis aka CLF-ARTEMIS (Group) CLF - Science-Astra aka CLF-ASTRA (Group) CLF - Science-High Power Lasers aka CLF-HPL (Group) CLF - Science-Lasers for Science aka CLF-LFS (Group) CLF - Science-Vulcan aka CLF-VULCAN (Group) CLF - Target Fabrication aka CLF-TARGET-FAB (Group) CMS Collaboration aka CMS (Collaboration) CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter Group aka CMS-ECG (Collaboration) Cockcroft Institute (2006- ) aka CI (Department) Computational Science and Engineering ( -2012) aka CSE (Department) Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (1994-2007) aka CCLRC (UK Research Council) Crystal Ball Collaboration aka CRYSTAL_BALL (Collaboration) Crystal Barrel Collaboration aka CRYSTAL_BARREL (Collaboration) CSE - Atomic and Molecular Physics aka CSE-AMP (Group) CSE - Band Theory Group aka CSE-BTG (Group) CSE - CCP4 aka CCP4 (Group) CSE - Chemical Database Service aka CSE-CDS (Group) CSE - Computational Biology aka CSE-BIO (Group) CSE - Computational Chemistry Group aka CSE-CCG (Group) CSE - Computational Engineering Group aka CSE-CEG (Group) CSE - Computational Environment aka CSE-ENV (Group) CSE - Computational Materials Science Group aka CSE-CMSG (Group) CSE - Distributed Computing Group aka CSE-DisCo (Group) CSE - High End Computing aka CSE-HEC (Group) CSE - Mathematical Software Group aka CSE-MSW (Group) CSE - Numerical Analysis Group aka CSE-NAG (Group) CSE - Software Engineering Group aka CSE-SEG (Group) CTA Consortium aka CTA (Collaboration) CTA Consortium - don't use aka CTA (Collaboration) Daresbury and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (1993-1994) aka DRAL (UK Research Council) Dark UNiverse Explorer aka DUNE (Collaboration) Daya Bay Collaboration aka Daya Bay (Collaboration) DEAP Collaboration aka DEAP (Collaboration) DELPHI Collaboration aka DELPHI (Collaboration) DELPHI Silicon Tracker Group aka DELPHI_SILICON_TRACKER (Collaboration) DELPHI Trigger Group aka DELPHI_TRIGGER (Collaboration) DM-Ice Collaboration aka DM-Ice (Collaboration) DRIFT Collaboration aka DRIFT (Collaboration) e-Science (2000-2012) aka ESC (Department) E180 Neutrino Collaboration aka E180 (Collaboration) E632 Collaboration aka E632 (Collaboration) EHIT Collaboration aka EHIT (Collaboration) EID - Central Microstructure Facility aka CMF (Group) EID - Detector Division aka EID-DD (Group) EID - Energy Research Unit aka EID-ERU (Group) ELECTRA Collaboration aka ELECTRA (Collaboration) Elsevier aka Elsevier (Publisher) Engineering and Instrumentation ( -2011) aka EID (Department) ESC - Application Development aka ESC-AD (Group) ESC - Cluster Computing aka ESC-CC (Group) ESC - Data Communications & Information (from 2008) aka ESC-DCI (Group) ESC - Data Management Group aka ESC-DMG (Group) ESC - Data Services aka ESC-DS (Group) ESC - Database Services aka ESC-DBS (Group) ESC - Frameworks aka ESC-FW (Group) ESC - Grid Technology Group aka ESC-GTG (Group) ESC - Information Management aka ESC-IM (Group) ESC - Information Services aka ESC-ISG (Group) ESC - JISCMail aka ESC-JMail (Group) ESC - LHC Tier 1 aka ESC-LHC (Group) ESC - Peta-Scale Computing & Storage (from 2008) aka ESC-PSCS (Group) ESC - Scientific Applications (from 2008) aka ESC-SA (Group) ESC - Scientific Computing Technology (from 2008) aka ESC-SCT (Group) European Muon Collaboration aka EUROPEAN_MUON (Collaboration) Fermilab Single Arm Spectrometer Group aka FERMILAB_SINGLE_ARM (Collaboration) Gaia Collaboration aka Gaia (Collaboration) GAJET Collaboration aka GAJET (Collaboration) H1 Collaboration aka H1 (Collaboration) H1 SpaCal Group aka H1_SPACAL (Collaboration) HARP Collaboration aka HARP (Collaboration) Hartree Centre (2012- ) aka HC (Department) HELIOS Collaboration aka HELIOS (Collaboration) HELIOS Emulsion Collaboration aka HELIOS_EMULSION (Collaboration) Humana Press aka Humana Press (Publisher) IDS Collaboration aka IDS (Collaboration) IDS-NF Collaboration aka IDS-NF (Collaboration) International Linear Collider aka ILC (Collaboration) ISIS (1984- ) aka ISIS (Department) ISIS - Accelerator aka ISIS-ACCEL (Group) ISIS - ALF aka ISIS-ALF (Group) ISIS - Analysis aka ISIS-ANA (Group) ISIS - ARGUS aka ISIS-ARGUS (Group) ISIS - BIO & AUXILIARY LABS aka ISIS-BIO-AUX-LAB (Group) ISIS - CHIPIR aka ISIS-CHIPIR (Group) ISIS - CRISP aka ISIS-CRISP (Group) ISIS - Deuteration Facility aka ISIS-DEUT-FAC (Group) ISIS - DEVA aka ISIS-DEVA (Group) ISIS - EMU aka ISIS-EMU (Group) ISIS - ENGIN-X aka ISIS-ENGIN-X (Group) ISIS - ESRF aka ISIS-ESRF (Group) ISIS - eVS aka ISIS-EVS (Group) ISIS - GEM aka ISIS-GEM (Group) ISIS - General aka ISIS-GEN (Group) ISIS - HET aka ISIS-HET (Group) ISIS - HIFI aka ISIS-HIFI (Group) ISIS - HRPD aka ISIS-HRPD (Group) ISIS - ILL aka ISIS-ILL (Group) ISIS - IMAT aka ISIS-IMAT (Group) ISIS - INES aka ISIS-INES (Group) ISIS - INTER aka ISIS-INTER (Group) ISIS - IRIS aka ISIS-IRIS (Group) ISIS - LAD aka ISIS-LAD (Group) ISIS - LARMOR aka ISIS-LARMOR (Group) ISIS - LET aka ISIS-LET (Group) ISIS - LOQ aka ISIS-LOQ (Group) ISIS - MAPS aka ISIS-MAPS (Group) ISIS - MARI aka ISIS-MARI (Group) ISIS - Materials Characterisation Lab. aka ISIS-MAT-CHAR-LAB (Group) ISIS - MERLIN aka ISIS-MERLIN (Group) ISIS - Muons aka ISIS-MUONS (Group) ISIS - MuSR aka ISIS-MuSR (Group) ISIS - NIMROD aka ISIS-NIMROD (Group) ISIS - Not Specific to Instrument aka ISIS (Group) ISIS - OFFSPEC aka ISIS-OFFSPEC (Group) ISIS - OSIRIS aka ISIS-OSIRIS (Group) ISIS - PEARL aka ISIS-PEARL (Group) ISIS - POLARIS aka ISIS-POLARIS (Group) ISIS - POLREF aka ISIS-POLREF (Group) ISIS - PRISMA aka ISIS-PRISMA (Group) ISIS - RIKEN aka ISIS-RIKEN (Group) ISIS - ROTAX aka ISIS-ROTAX (Group) ISIS - SANDALS aka ISIS-SANDALS (Group) ISIS - SANS2D aka ISIS-SANS2D (Group) ISIS - SR/DL aka ISIS-SRDL (Group) ISIS - SURF aka ISIS-SURF (Group) ISIS - SXD aka ISIS-SXD (Group) ISIS - TFXA aka ISIS-TFXA (Group) ISIS - Theory aka ISIS-THEORY (Group) ISIS - TOSCA aka ISIS-TOSCA (Group) ISIS - VESUVIO aka ISIS-VESUVIO (Group) ISIS - WISH aka ISIS-WISH (Group) ISIS - ZOOM aka ISIS-ZOOM (Group) ISOLDE Collaboration aka ISOLDE (Collaboration) ISR Collaboration aka ISR (Collaboration) JADE Collaboration aka JADE (Collaboration) John Wiley & Sons, Inc aka John Wiley & Sons, Inc (Publisher) KARMEN Collaboration aka KARMEN (Collaboration) Kluwer Academic Publishers aka Kluwer Academic Publishers (Publisher) Kluwer Academic Publishers/Plenum Publishers, New York USA aka Kluwer Academic Publishers/Plenum Publishers, New York USA (Publisher) LAA Collaboration aka LAA (Collaboration) Laguna-LBNO Collaboration aka Laguna-LBNO (Collaboration) LAMP2 Group aka LAMP2 (Collaboration) LCFI Collaboration aka LCFI (Collaboration) LEBC-EHS Collaboration aka LEBC_EHS (Collaboration) LHCb Collaboration aka LHCB (Collaboration) LHCb RICH Collaboration aka LHCB_RICH (Collaboration) LIGO Sci Collaboration aka LIGO (Collaboration) LINAC-3 Collaboration aka LINAC3 (Collaboration) LUX-ZEPLIN aka LZ (Collaboration) Marcel Dekker aka Marcel Dekker (Publisher) MICE Collaboration aka MICE (Collaboration) MINOS Collaboration aka MINOS (Collaboration) MONARC Collaboration aka MONARC (Collaboration) MuScat Collaboration aka MUSCAT (Collaboration) NA27 Collaboration aka NA27 (Collaboration) National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science (1957-1965) aka NIRNS (UK Research Council) NERC DataGrid aka NDG (Collaboration) Neutrino Factory aka Neu-fact (Collaboration) Neutrino Factory Collaboration aka NEUTRINO_FACTORY (Collaboration) NExT Collaboration aka NExT (Collaboration) NLC Detector Group aka NLC (Collaboration) NOMAD Collaboration aka NOMAD (Collaboration) Nottingham Trent University aka Nottingham Trent University (University) NOvA Collaboration aka NOvA Collaboration (Collaboration) Nuclear Structure Facility (1971-1993) aka NSF (Department) nuSTORM Collaboration aka nuSTORM (Collaboration) Omega Group Collaboration aka OMEGA_GROUP (Collaboration) Omega Photon Collaboration aka OMEGA_PHOTON (Collaboration) OMEGA SCIFI Collaboration aka OMEGA_SCIFI (Collaboration) OMICRON Collaboration aka OMICRON (Collaboration) OPAL Collaboration aka OPAL (Collaboration) PARASOL Collaboration aka PARASOL (Collaboration) Particle Data Group aka Particle Data Grp (Collaboration) Particle Physics aka PPD (Department) Planck Collaboration aka PLANCK COLLAB (Collaboration) Planck HFI Core Team aka PLANCK HFI (Collaboration) POLARBEAR Collaboration aka POLARBEAR (Collaboration) Portland Press aka Portland Press (Publisher) PPD - Accelerator Research and Development aka PPD-ACCEL-RD (Group) PPD - ATLAS aka PPD-ATLAS (Group) PPD - Babar aka PPD-BABAR (Group) PPD - Boulby Underground Facility aka PPD-BOULBY (Group) PPD - Centre for Fundamental Physics aka PPD-CfCP (Group) PPD - CMS aka PPD_CMS (Group) PPD - Computing Group aka PPD_COMPUTING (Group) PPD - CTA aka PPD-CTA (Group) PPD - Dark Matter aka PPD-DARK-MATTER (Group) PPD - EDM aka PPD-EDM (Group) PPD - Future Neutrino Experiments aka PPD-NEUTRINO-EXP (Group) PPD - H1 aka PPD-H1 (Group) PPD - LHCb aka PPD-LHCB (Group) PPD - Linear Collider aka PPD-LINEAR-COLLIDER (Group) PPD - Minos aka PPD-MINOS (Group) PPD - Neutrino Factory aka PPD-NEUTRINO-FACTORY (Group) PPD - T2K aka PPD-T2K (Group) PPD - ZEUS aka PPD-ZEUS (Group) PreSPEC Collaboration aka PreSPEC (Collaboration) Programmes aka PROG (Department) Programmes - Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes aka PROG-ING (Group) Programmes - Joint Astronomy Centre aka PROG-JAC (Group) PS174 Collaboration aka PS174 (Collaboration) Queen’s University Belfast aka Queen’s University Belfast (University) R3B Collaboration aka R3B (Collaboration) Radio Communications Research Unit ( -2010) aka RCRU (Department) RAL Space (2010- ) aka RALSP (Department) RAL Space - British Atmospheric Data Centre aka RALSP-BADC (Group) RAL Space - Earth Observation & Atmospheric Science Division aka RAL Space - EOASD (Group) RAL Space - Imaging Systems Division aka RALSP - ISD (Group) RAL Space - Space Data Division aka RALSP - SDD (Group) RAL Space - Space Engineering & Technology Division aka RALSP - SETD (Group) RAL Space - Space Physics Division aka RALSP - SPD (Group) RD-2 Collaboration. aka RD2 (Collaboration) RD-20 Collaboration aka RD20 (Collaboration) RD-6 Collaboration aka RD6 (Collaboration) RD-8 Collaboration aka RD8 (Collaboration) RD23 Collaboration aka RD23 (Collaboration) RD27 Collaboration aka RD27 (Collaboration) RD27 UK Collaboration aka RD27_UK (Collaboration) RD28 Collaboration aka RD28 (Collaboration) RD36 Collaboration aka RD36 (Collaboration) Science and Engineering Research Council (1981-1993) aka SERC (UK Research Council) Science and Technology Facilities Council (2007- ) aka STFC (UK Research Council) Science Research Council (1966-1981) aka SRC (UK Research Council) Scientific Computing (2012- ) aka SCI-COMP (Department) Scientific Computing - Application Performance Engineering ( - 2017) aka SCI-COMP-APE (Group) Scientific Computing - Biology and Life Sciences aka SCI-COMP-BLS (Group) Scientific Computing - Computational Chemistry aka SCI-COMP-CC (Group) Scientific Computing - Computational Mathematics aka SCI-COMP-CM (Group) Scientific Computing - DAFNI aka SCI-COMP-DAFNI (Group) Scientific Computing - Data Science & Technology aka SCI-COMP-DST (Group) Scientific Computing - Data Services aka SCI-COMP-DS (Group) Scientific Computing - Distributed Computing Infrastructure aka SCI-COMP-DCI (Group) Scientific Computing - Engineering and Environment aka SCI-COMP-EE (Group) Scientific Computing - Research Infrastructure Group aka SCI-COMP-RIG (Group) Scientific Computing - Scientific Information aka SCI-COMP-SI (Group) Scientific Computing - Software Engineering aka SCI-COMP-SE (Group) Scientific Computing - Theoretical and Computational Physics aka SCI-COMP-TCP (Group) SDC Collaboration aka SDC (Collaboration) SDC ITD Group aka SDC_ITD (Collaboration) Sentinel-3 L2 Prod Algorithm Team aka Sentinel-3 (Collaboration) SHiP Collaboration aka SHiP (Collaboration) SLAC Hybrid Facility Photon Collaboration aka HYBRID_FACILITY_PHOTON (Collaboration) SLD Collaboration aka SLD (Collaboration) SND - Nuclear Physics aka NUCLEAR (Group) SNO Collaboration aka SNO (Collaboration) SoLid Collaboration aka SoLid (Collaboration) Soudan-2 Collaboration aka SOUDAN2 (Collaboration) Space Science and Technology ( -2010) aka SSTD (Department) SPiDeR Collaboration aka SPiDeR (Collaboration) SPON Publishers aka SPON Publishers (Publisher) Springer-Verlag aka Springer-Verlag (Publisher) SRS - MEIS aka MEIS (Group) SRS - NCESS aka NCESS (Group) SRS - Station 0.1 - Pulse Radiolysis/FRRF aka 0.1 (Group) SRS - Station 0.2 - Laser Flash Photolysis/FRRF aka 0.2 (Group) SRS - Station 1.1 - HESGM aka 1.1 (Group) SRS - Station 10.1 - NWSGC MAD 10 aka 10.1 (Group) SRS - Station 11.1 - Infrared Microspectroscopy aka 11.1 (Group) SRS - Station 12.1 - Circular Dichroism aka 12.1 (Group) SRS - Station 13.1a - Time-resolved Confocal Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Spectroscopy aka 13.1a (Group) SRS - Station 13.1b - Time-resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy aka 13.1b (Group) SRS - Station 13.2 - Synchrotron Light Area aka 13.2 (Group) SRS - Station 13.3 - far-Infrared Spectroscopy aka 13.3 (Group) SRS - Station 14.1 aka 14.1 (Group) SRS - Station 14.2 aka 14.2 (Group) SRS - Station 16.1 aka 16.1 (Group) SRS - Station 16.2smx - High Flux Single Crystal Diffraction aka 16.2smx (Group) SRS - Station 16.3 aka 16.3 (Group) SRS - Station 16.4 aka 16.4 (Group) SRS - Station 16.5 - Ultra-Dilute Spectroscopy aka 16.5 (Group) SRS - Station 2.1 - X-ray scattering of non-crystalline materials aka 2.1 (Group) SRS - Station 2.3 - High Resolution Powder Diffraction, X-ray Reflectivity aka 2.3 (Group) SRS - Station 3.1 - Wadsworth aka 3.1 (Group) SRS - Station 3.2 - McPherson monochromator aka 3.2 (Group) SRS - Station 3.3 - TGM aka 3.3 (Group) SRS - Station 3.4 - SOXAFS aka 3.4 (Group) SRS - Station 4.1 - XPS/NEXAFS/XMCD aka 4.1 (Group) SRS - Station 4.2 - NIXSW/NEXAFS/SEXAFS/XPS aka 4.2 (Group) SRS - Station 5D - ballad aka 5D (Group) SRS - Station 5U.1 - Soft X-ray Variable Polarisation beam line aka 5U.1 (Group) SRS - Station 6.2 - Materials Processing - MPW6.2 aka 6.2 (Group) SRS - Station 7.1 aka 7.1 (Group) SRS - Station 7.2 - PX Development aka 7.2 (Group) SRS - Station 7.6 - Optics Test aka 7.6 (Group) SRS - Station 8.1 aka 8.1 (Group) SRS - Station 8.2 aka 8.2 (Group) SRS - Station 9.1 - High Flux Powder Diffraction aka 9.1 (Group) SRS - Station 9.2 - EXAFS aka 9.2 (Group) SRS - Station 9.3 - Material Processing aka 9.3 (Group) SRS - Station 9.4 - SXRD/Topography aka 9.4 (Group) SRS - Station 9.5 aka 9.5 (Group) SRS - Station 9.6 aka 9.6 (Group) SRS - Station 9.7 aka 9.7 (Group) SRS - Station 9.8 - High Flux Single Crystal Diffraction aka 9.8 (Group) SRS - Station MPW6.1 - Phoenix aka MPW6.1 (Group) SSTD - British Atmospheric Data Centre aka SSTD-BADC (Group) SSTD - Chilbolton Group aka SSTD-Chilbolton (Group) SSTD - Earth Observation and Atmospheric Science Division aka EOASD (Group) SSTD - Imaging Systems aka SSTD-IS (Group) SSTD - Remote Sensing Group aka SSTD-RSG (Group) SSTD - Space Data Division aka SSTD-SDD (Group) SSTD - Space Engineering aka SSTD-SE (Group) SSTD - Space Physics aka SSTD-SP (Group) SSTD - Technology Exporation aka SSTD-TE (Group) SSTD- Millimetre-Wave Technology Group aka SSTD-MMT (Group) Strategy, Planning and Communications aka SPC (Department) Super-Kamiokande Collaboration aka Super-Kamiokande (Collaboration) SuperB Collaboration aka SuperB (Collaboration) Surface and Nuclear Division ( -2011) aka SND (Department) Synchrotron Radiation (1980-2008) aka SRS (Department) T2K Collaboration aka T2K (Collaboration) TASSO Collaboration aka TASSO (Collaboration) Team WP6 HiPER aka Team WP6 HiPER (Collaboration) TECH - CMOS Sensor Design Group aka TECH-CMOS (Group) TECH - Nuclear Physics aka TECH-Nuc Phys (Group) TECH - UKATC aka TECH-UKATC (Group) Technology Department (2006- ) aka TECH (Department) Technomic Publishing Corporation Inc. aka Technomic Publishing Corporation Inc. (Publisher) The International Society for Optical Engineering aka The International Society for Optical Engineering (Publisher) UA1 Collaboration aka UA1 (Collaboration) UK Dark Matter Collaboration aka UKDMC (Collaboration) UMIST aka UMIST (University) University of Amsterdam aka University of Amsterdam (University) University of Birmingham aka University of Birmingham (University) University of Cambridge aka University of Cambridge (University) University of Dundee aka University of Dundee (University) University of East Anglia aka University of East Anglia (University) University of Glasgow aka University of Glasgow (University) University of Kent aka University of Kent (University) University of Leicester aka University of Leicester (University) University of Liverpool aka University of Liverpool (University) University of London aka University of London (University) University of Loughborough aka University of Loughborough (University) University of Manchester aka University of Manchester (University) University of Nottingham aka University of Nottingham (University) University of Oxford aka University of Oxford (University) University of Salford aka University of Salford (University) University of St Andrews aka University of St Andrews (University) University of York aka University of York (University) Verified Software Repository aka VSR (Collaboration) Verlag GmbH & Co. aka Verlag GmbH & Co. (Publisher) VIRGO Collaboration aka VIRGO (Collaboration) WA2 Collaboration aka WA2 (Collaboration) WA21 Collaboration aka WA21 (Collaboration) WA24 Collaboration aka WA24 (Collaboration) WA25 Collaboration aka WA25 (Collaboration) WA59 Collaboration aka WA59 (Collaboration) WA66 Collaboration aka WA66 (Collaboration) WA84 Collaboration aka WA84 (Collaboration) World Scientific Publishing, Singapore aka World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (Publisher) ZEUS Collaboration aka ZEUS (Collaboration) ZEUS-UK Collaboration aka ZEUS_UK (Collaboration)
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