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ePubs is 15 years old

03 June 2019

ePubs, the Open Archive for STFC Publications, will be celebrating 15 years of service this June.

Originally launched back in June 2004, ePubs has grown substantially and now records over 47,500 research outputs (primarily journal articles) created by researchers affiliated to STFC and predecessor organisations (e.g. CCLRC, SERC). The records date back to the very origins of STFC, starting in 1957 and spanning right through to the current day. Over the past three years (2016-18), 2,280 records have been added on average annually by STFC staff.

ePubs also now contains full-text versions of ~3,600 full-text works, a number which has grown significantly over the past few years, with ePubs now playing a central role in enabling Green Open Access publishing within STFC.

The original version of ePubs was developed by what was then the CCLRC Library Service in the Business and Information Technology Department (BITD). ePubs is now managed by the Chadwick & RAL Libraries in STFC and has continued to be developed over time to reflect changing requirements within STFC and the wider research community and in response to user feedback, culminating in a full re-launch in September 2013 when version 2.0 went live. ePubs development and maintenance is carried out by the Software Engineering Group in SCD.

Since it first launched there have been numerous enhancements to ePubs, with just a small selection listed below:
  • The addition of funding information to records;
  • Linking of user accounts to ORCiD;
  • Embedding of Altmetrics data;
  • Use of persistent URLs (PURLs) to enable reliable linking to ePubs records and full-text;
  • Improvements to export functions;
  • Linking to related datasets (including eData).
Here's to the next 15 years!

We welcome any feedback that you might have on ePubs.

New ePubs release (April 2019)

02 April 2019

Version 2.4.0 was release on 02/04/2019

  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Improved indexing of content by external systems.
  • In-situ Open Access information for STFC staff (once logged in).
  • Improved handling of search queries that contain a colon.
In addition to the above, a number of bug fixes have been implemented and a variety of behind the scenes improvements have been made, aimed at further improving the performance and reliability of ePubs.

New ePubs release (November 2017)

07 November 2017

Version 2.3.0 of ePubs was released on 07/11/2017.
  • More consistent and logical handling of ‘marked’ records selected by the user for exporting;

  • New fields added to exports (additional fields for thesis records as well as the inclusion of a field for ‘related research objects’ that can be linked to from an ePubs record);

  • Improvements to the way book and book chapters are recorded;

  • Ability to add a preprint for a conference paper;

  • DOIs in URL form (e.g. https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.79.245133) are now accepted when using ‘Add publications by DOI’, making it easier to copy and paste a DOI directly from an online reference;

  • Minor improvements to the user interface.
In addition to the above, a number of bug fixes have been implemented and a variety of behind the scenes improvements have been made, aimed at further improving the performance and reliability of ePubs.

New ePubs release (March 2017)

26 March 2017

Version 2.2.0 of ePubs was released on 27/03/2017.
  • Ability to add links to related data sets from within a record. Users can now add DataCite DOIs, connecting the record of a piece of work (such as a journal paper) with the data set on which the work was actually based. This can be achieved by adding a valid DOI to the 'Add related research object(s)' field in ePubs.

  • Altmetric badges are now embedded in ePubs and will display alongside records referencing a valid DOI which has Altmetric data associated with it. 

  • Improvements to the mechanism used to connect ePubs user IDs with ORCiD ccounts.

  • A new 'Suggest an ePubs enhancement' form, designed to encourage feedback from users on ways in which the platform could be improved.

In addition to the above, a number of "under the hood" enhancements have been carried out to improve the functionality and usability of ePubs. We have also fixed 7 bugs.

New ePubs release (November 2016)

11 November 2016

Version 2.1.0 of ePubs was released on 9/11/2016.

Refinements have been made to the 'Conference Proceedings' and 'Paper in a Conference Proceeding' templates with the intention of improving the citations that are being recorded by users.

'Export as Citation' outputs have been enhanced, and a new .CSV export option has been added that is designed to produce outputs suitable for addition to ResearchFish.

You can now search for research grant/award references (unlike funder ID and funding programme, these were not previously being indexed).

A number of minor refinements have been made to make wording clearer in the user interface.

In addition, a number of bugs have been fixed in this release.

ePubs April 2016 enhancements

06 April 2016

The Chadwick and RAL Libraries are pleased to announce the following new features in ePubs:
  • Connect your ePubs user account with your ORCID account
    STFC staff with an ORCID account can quickly and easily establish a connection between the two systems: simply log-in to ePubs and select the option to link your ePubs ID to your ORCID.

  • Include funding information in records
    You can now add funding details to individual records in ePubs, including funder ID, programme (where applicable) and grant/award reference. Funding information can be added manually and will also be imported automatically when adding new records via DOI (this functionality is dependent on the necessary metadata being available in the imported record).
In addition to the above, a number of refinements and "back office" enhancements are included in this release, along with several bug fixes.

ePubs 2.0.19 went live on 07/04/2016.