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Record Id 28127
Title Search for scalar leptons in e+ e- collisions at center-of-mass energies up to 209-GeV
A Heister (Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.), S Schael (Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.), R Barate (Annecy, LAPP), R Bruneliere (Annecy, LAPP), I De Bonis (Annecy, LAPP), D Decamp (Annecy, LAPP), C Goy (Annecy, LAPP), S Jezequel (Annecy, LAPP), J P Lees (Annecy, LAPP), F Martin (Annecy, LAPP), E Merle (Annecy, LAPP), M N Minard (Annecy, LAPP), B Pietrzyk (Annecy, LAPP), B Trocme (Annecy, LAPP), G Boix (IFAE, Barcelona), S Bravo (IFAE, Barcelona), M P Casado (IFAE, Barcelona), M Chmeissani (IFAE, Barcelona), J M Crespo (IFAE, Barcelona), E Fernandez (IFAE, Barcelona), M Fernandez-Bosman (IFAE, Barcelona), L Garrido (IFAE, Barcelona), E Grauges (IFAE, Barcelona), J Lopez (IFAE, Barcelona), M Martinez (IFAE, Barcelona), G Merino (IFAE, Barcelona), R Miquel (IFAE, Barcelona), L M Mir (IFAE, Barcelona), A Pacheco (IFAE, Barcelona), D Paneque (IFAE, Barcelona), H Ruiz (IFAE, Barcelona), A Colaleo, D Creanza, N De Filippis, M de Palma, G Iaselli, G Maggi, M Maggi, S Nuzzo, A Ranieri, G Raso, F Ruggieri, G Selvaggi, L Silvestris, P Tempesta, A Tricomi, G Zito, X Huang (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), J Lin (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), Q Ouyang (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), T Wang (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), Y Xie (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), R Xu (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), S Xue (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), J Zhang (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), L Zhang (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), W Zhao (Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.), D Abbaneo (CERN), P Azzurri (CERN), T Barklow (CERN), O Buchmuller (CERN), M Cattaneo (CERN), F Cerutti (CERN), B Clerbaux (CERN), H Drevermann (CERN), R W Forty (CERN), M Frank (CERN), F Gianotti (CERN), T C Greening (CERN), J B Hansen (CERN), J Harvey (CERN), D E Hutchcroft (CERN), P Janot (CERN), B Jost (CERN), M Kado (CERN), P Maley (CERN), P Mato (CERN), A Moutoussi (CERN), F Ranjard (CERN), L Rolandi (CERN), D Schlatter (CERN), G Sguazzoni (CERN), W Tejessy (CERN), F Teubert (CERN), A Valassi (CERN), I Videau (CERN), J J Ward (CERN), F Badaud (Clermont-Ferrand U.), S Dessagne (Clermont-Ferrand U.), A Falvard (Clermont-Ferrand U.), D Fayolle (Clermont-Ferrand U.), P Gay (Clermont-Ferrand U.), J Jousset (Clermont-Ferrand U.), B Michel (Clermont-Ferrand U.), S Monteil (Clermont-Ferrand U.), D Pallin (Clermont-Ferrand U.), J M Pascolo (Clermont-Ferrand U.), P Perret (Clermont-Ferrand U.), J D Hansen (Bohr Inst.), J R Hansen (Bohr Inst.), P H Hansen (Bohr Inst.), B S Nilsson (Bohr Inst.), A Kyriakis (Bohr Inst.), A Waananen (Bohr Inst.), A Kyriakis (Democritos Nucl. Res. Ctr.), C Markou (Democritos Nucl. Res. Ctr.), E Simopoulou (Democritos Nucl. Res. Ctr.), A Vayaki (Democritos Nucl. Res. Ctr.), K Zachariadou (Democritos Nucl. Res. Ctr.), A Blondel (Ecole Polytechnique), J C Brient (Ecole Polytechnique), F Machefert (Ecole Polytechnique), A Rouge (Ecole Polytechnique), M Swynghedauw (Ecole Polytechnique), R Tanaka (Ecole Polytechnique), H Videau (Ecole Polytechnique), V Ciulli, E Focardi, G Parrini, A Antonelli (Frascati), M Antonelli (Frascati), G Bencivenni (Frascati), G Bologna (Frascati), F Bossi (Frascati), P Campana (Frascati), G Capon (Frascati), V Chiarella (Frascati), P Laurelli (Frascati), G Mannocchi, F Murtas (Frascati), G P Murtas (Frascati), L Passalacqua (Frascati), M Pepe-Altarelli (Frascati), P Spagnolo (Frascati), J Kennedy (Glasgow U.), J G Lynch (Glasgow U.), P Negus (Glasgow U.), V O'Shea (Glasgow U.), D Smith (Glasgow U.), A S Thompson (Glasgow U.), S Wasserbaech (Haverford Coll.), R Cavanaugh (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), S Dhamotharan (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), C Geweniger (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), P Hanke (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), V Hepp (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), E E Kluge (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), G Leibenguth (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), A Putzer (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), K Tittel (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), S Werner (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), M Wunsch (Kirchhoff Inst. Phys.), R Beuselinck (Imperial Coll., London), D M Binnie (Imperial Coll., London), W Cameron (Imperial Coll., London), G Davies (Imperial Coll., London), P J Dornan (Imperial Coll., London), M Girone, R D Hill (Imperial Coll., London), N Marinelli (Imperial Coll., London), J Nowell (Imperial Coll., London), H Przysiezniak (Imperial Coll., London), S A Rutherford (Imperial Coll., London), J K Sedgbeer (Imperial Coll., London), J C Thompson, V M Ghete (Innsbruck U.), P Girtler (Innsbruck U.), E Kneringer (Innsbruck U.), D Kuhn (Innsbruck U.), G Rudolph (Innsbruck U.), E Bouhova-Thacker (Lancaster U.), C K Bowdery (Lancaster U.), D P Clarke (Lancaster U.), G Ellis (Lancaster U.), A J Finch (Lancaster U.), F Foster (Lancaster U.), G Hughes (Lancaster U.), R W L Jones (Lancaster U.), M R Pearson (Lancaster U.), N A Robertson (Lancaster U.), M Smizanska (Lancaster U.), V Lemaitre (Louvain U., Inst. Phys. Nucl.), U Blumenschein (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), F Holldorfer (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), K Jakobs (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), F Kayser (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), K Kleinknecht (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), A S Muller (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), G Quast (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), B Renk (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), H G Sander (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), S Schmeling (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), H Wachsmuth (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), C Zeitnitz (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), T Ziegler (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.), A Bonissent (Marseille, CPPM), J Carr (Marseille, CPPM), P Coyle (Marseille, CPPM), C Curtil (Marseille, CPPM), A Ealet (Marseille, CPPM), D Fouchez (Marseille, CPPM), O Leroy (Marseille, CPPM), T Kachelhoffer (Marseille, CPPM), P Payre (Marseille, CPPM), D Rousseau (Marseille, CPPM), A Tilquin (Marseille, CPPM), F Ragusa, A David (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), H Dietl (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), G Ganis (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), K Huttmann (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), G Lutjens (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), C Mannert (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), W Manner (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), H G Moser (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), R Settles (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), H Stenzel (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), G Wolf (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), J Boucrot (Orsay, LAL), O Callot (Orsay, LAL), M Davier (Orsay, LAL), L Duflot (Orsay, LAL), J F Grivaz (Orsay, LAL), P Heusse (Orsay, LAL), A Jacholkowska (Orsay, LAL), C Loomis (Orsay, LAL), L Serin (Orsay, LAL), J J Veillet (Orsay, LAL), J B de Vivie de Regie (Orsay, LAL), C Yuan (Orsay, LAL), G Bagliesi, T Boccali, L Foa, A Giammanco, A Giassi, F Ligabue, A Messineo, F Palla, G Sanguinetti, A Sciaba, R Tenchini, A Venturi, P G Verdini, O Awunor (Royal Holloway, U. of London), G A Blair (Royal Holloway, U. of London), J Coles (Royal Holloway, U. of London), G Cowan (Royal Holloway, U. of London), A Garcia-Bellido (Royal Holloway, U. of London), M G Green (Royal Holloway, U. of London), L T Jones (Royal Holloway, U. of London), T Medcalf (Royal Holloway, U. of London), A Misiejuk (Royal Holloway, U. of London), J A Strong (Royal Holloway, U. of London), P Teixeira-Dias (Royal Holloway, U. of London), R W Clifft (Rutherford), T R Edgecock (Rutherford), P R Norton (Rutherford), I R Tomalin (Rutherford), B Bloch-Devaux, D Boumediene (DAPNIA, Saclay), P Colas (DAPNIA, Saclay), B Fabbro (DAPNIA, Saclay), E Lancon (DAPNIA, Saclay), M C Lemaire (DAPNIA, Saclay), E Locci (DAPNIA, Saclay), P Perez (DAPNIA, Saclay), J Rander (DAPNIA, Saclay), J F Renardy (DAPNIA, Saclay), A Rosowsky (DAPNIA, Saclay), P Seager (DAPNIA, Saclay), A Trabelsi (DAPNIA, Saclay), B Tuchming (DAPNIA, Saclay), B Vallage (DAPNIA, Saclay), N Konstantinidis (UC, Santa Cruz), A M Litke (UC, Santa Cruz), G Taylor (UC, Santa Cruz), C N Booth (Sheffield U.), S Cartwright (Sheffield U.), F Combley (Sheffield U.), P N Hodgson (Sheffield U.), M Lehto (Sheffield U.), L F Thompson (Sheffield U.), K Affholderbach (Siegen U.), Armin Boehrer (Siegen U.), S Brandt (Siegen U.), C Grupen (Siegen U.), J Hess (Siegen U.), A Ngac (Siegen U.), G Prange (Siegen U.), U Sieler (Siegen U.), C Borean, G Giannini, H He (Washington U., Seattle), J Putz (Washington U., Seattle), J Rothberg (Washington U., Seattle), S R Armstrong (Wisconsin U., Madison), K Berkelman (Wisconsin U., Madison), K Cranmer (Wisconsin U., Madison), D P S Ferguson (Wisconsin U., Madison), Y Gao (Wisconsin U., Madison), S Gonzalez (Wisconsin U., Madison), O J Hayes (Wisconsin U., Madison), H Hu (Wisconsin U., Madison), S Jin (Wisconsin U., Madison), J Kile (Wisconsin U., Madison), P A McNamara (Wisconsin U., Madison), J Nielsen (Wisconsin U., Madison), Y B Pan (Wisconsin U., Madison), J H von Wimmersperg-Toeller (Wisconsin U., Madison), W Wiedenmann (Wisconsin U., Madison), J Wu (Wisconsin U., Madison), Sau Lan Wu (Wisconsin U., Madison), X Wu (Wisconsin U., Madison), G Zobernig (Wisconsin U., Madison)
Organisation CCLRC , PPD , ALEPH
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Journal Article Phys Lett B 526 (2002): 206-220. doi:10.1016/S0370-2693(01)01494-0 2002
Report CERN-EP-2001-086. 2001. 2001