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Title Search for tens of MeV neutrinos associated with gamma-ray bursts in Super-Kamiokande
A Orii (Kamioka Observatory), K Abe (Kamioka Observatory), C Bronner (Kamioka Observatory), Y Hayato (Kamioka Observatory), M Ikeda (Kamioka Observatory), S Imaizumi (Kamioka Observatory), H Ito (Kamioka Observatory), J Kameda (Kamioka Observatory), Y Kataoka (Kamioka Observatory), Y Kato (Kamioka Observatory), Y Kishimoto (Kamioka Observatory), M Miura (Kamioka Observatory), S Moriyama (Kamioka Observatory), T Mochizuki (Kamioka Observatory), Y Nagao (Kamioka Observatory), M Nakahata (Kamioka Observatory), Y Nakajima (Kamioka Observatory), S Nakayama (Kamioka Observatory), T Okada (Kamioka Observatory), K Okamoto (Kamioka Observatory), G Pronost (Kamioka Observatory), H Sekiya (Kamioka Observatory), M Shiozawa (Kamioka Observatory), Y Sonoda (Kamioka Observatory), Y Suzuki (Kamioka Observatory), A Takeda (Kamioka Observatory), Y Takemoto (Kamioka Observatory), A Takenaka (Kamioka Observatory), H Tanaka (Kamioka Observatory), T Yano (Kamioka Observatory), S Han (Research Center for Cosmic Neutrinos), T Kajita (Research Center for Cosmic Neutrinos), K Okumura (Research Center for Cosmic Neutrinos), T Tashiro (Research Center for Cosmic Neutrinos), R Wang (Research Center for Cosmic Neutrinos), J Xia (Research Center for Cosmic Neutrinos), GD Megias (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research), D Bravo-Berguño (Department of Theoretical Physics), L Labarga (Department of Theoretical Physics), L Marti (Department of Theoretical Physics), B Zaldivar (Department of Theoretical Physics), FdM Blaszczyk (Department of Physics), E Kearns (Department of Physics), JL Raaf (Department of Physics), JL Stone (Department of Physics), L Wan (Department of Physics), T Wester (Department of Physics), BW Pointon (Department of Physics), J Bian (Department of Physics and Astronomy), NJ Griskevich (Department of Physics and Astronomy), WR Kropp (Department of Physics and Astronomy), S Locke (Department of Physics and Astronomy), S Mine (Department of Physics and Astronomy), MB Smy (Department of Physics and Astronomy), HW Sobel (Department of Physics and Astronomy), V Takhistov (Department of Physics and Astronomy), P Weatherly (Department of Physics and Astronomy), KS Ganezer (Department of Physics), J Hill (Department of Physics), JY Kim (Institute for Universe and Elementary Particles), IT Lim (Institute for Universe and Elementary Particles), RG Park (Institute for Universe and Elementary Particles), B Bodur (Department of Physics), K Scholberg (Department of Physics), CW Walter (Department of Physics), L Bernard (Ecole Polytechnique), A Coffani (Ecole Polytechnique), O Drapier (Ecole Polytechnique), S El Hedri (Ecole Polytechnique), A Giampaolo (Ecole Polytechnique), M Gonin (Ecole Polytechnique), TA Mueller (Ecole Polytechnique), P Paganini (Ecole Polytechnique), B Quilain (Ecole Polytechnique), T Ishizuka, (Junior College), T Nakamura, (Department of Physics), JS Jang (GIST College), JG Learned (Department of Physics and Astronomy), S Matsuno (Department of Physics and Astronomy), LHV Anthony (Department of Physics), RP Litchfield (Department of Physics), AA Sztuc (Department of Physics), Y Uchida (Department of Physics), V Berardi (Dipartimento Interuniversitario di Fisica), MG Catanesi (Dipartimento Interuniversitario di Fisica), E Radicioni (Dipartimento Interuniversitario di Fisica), NF Calabria (Dipartimento di Fisica), LN Machado (Dipartimento di Fisica), G De Rosa (Dipartimento di Fisica), G Collazuol (Dipartimento di Fisica), F Iacob (Dipartimento di Fisica), M Lamoureux (Dipartimento di Fisica), N Ospina (Dipartimento di Fisica), L Ludovici (INFN Sezione di Roma and Università di Roma “La Sapienza), Y Nishimura (Department of Physics), S Cao (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), M Friend (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), T Hasegawa (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), T Ishida (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), T Kobayashi (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), M Jakkapu (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), T Matsubara (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), T Nakadaira (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), K Nakamura (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), Y Oyama (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), K Sakashita (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), T Sekiguchi (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), T Tsukamoto (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), T Boschi (Department of Physics), F Di Lodovico (Department of Physics), SM Sedgwick (Department of Physics), M Taani (Department of Physics), S Zsoldos (Department of Physics), M Hasegawa (Department of Physics), Y Isobe (Department of Physics), H Miyabe (Department of Physics), Y Nakano (Department of Physics), T Shiozawa (Department of Physics), T Sugimoto (Department of Physics), AT Suzuki (Department of Physics), Y Takeuchi (Department of Physics), S Yamamoto (Department of Physics), A Ali (Department of Physics), Y Ashida (Department of Physics), J Feng (Department of Physics), S Hirota (Department of Physics), M Jiang (Department of Physics), AK Ichikawa (Department of Physics), T Kikawa (Department of Physics), M Mori (Department of Physics), KE Nakamura (Department of Physics), T Nakaya (Department of Physics), RA Wendell (Department of Physics), K Yasutome (Department of Physics), P Fernandez (Department of Physics), N McCauley (Department of Physics), P Mehta (Department of Physics), A Pritchard (Department of Physics), KM Tsui (Department of Physics), Y Fukuda (Department of Physics), Y Itow (Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research), H Menjo (Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research), T Niwa (Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research), K Sato (Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research), M Tsukada (Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research), P Mijakowski (National Centre For Nuclear Research), K Frankiewicz (National Centre For Nuclear Research), CK Jung (Department of Physics and Astronomy), C Vilela (Department of Physics and Astronomy), MJ Wilking (Department of Physics and Astronomy), C Yanagisawa (Department of Physics and Astronomy), D Fukuda (Department of Physics), M Harada (Department of Physics), K Hagiwara (Department of Physics), T Horai (Department of Physics), H Ishino (Department of Physics), S Ito (Department of Physics), Y Koshio (Department of Physics), W Ma (Department of Physics), N Piplani (Department of Physics), S Sakai (Department of Physics), M Sakuda (Department of Physics), Y Takahira (Department of Physics), C Xu (Department of Physics), Y Kuno (Department of Physics), G Barr (Department of Physics), D Barrow (Department of Physics), L Cook (Department of Physics), A Goldsack (Department of Physics), S Samani (Department of Physics), C Simpson (Department of Physics), D Wark (STFC Rutherford Appleton Lab., and Oxford Univ.), F Nova (STFC Rutherford Appleton Lab.), JY Yang (Department of Physics), SJ Jenkins (Department of Physics and Astronomy), M Malek (Department of Physics and Astronomy), JM McElwee (Department of Physics and Astronomy), O Stone (Department of Physics and Astronomy), MD Thiesse (Department of Physics and Astronomy), LF Thompson (Department of Physics and Astronomy), H Okazawa (Department of Informatics in Social Welfare), Y Choi (Department of Physics), SB Kim (Department of Physics), I Yu (Department of Physics), K Nishijima (Department of Physics), M Koshiba (The University of Tokyo), K Iwamoto (Department of Physics), N Ogawa (Department of Physics), M Yokoyama (Department of Physics), K Martens (Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (WPI)), MR Vagins (Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (WPI)), S Izumiyama (Department of Physics), M Kuze (Department of Physics), M Tanaka (Department of Physics), T Yoshida (Department of Physics), M Inomoto (Department of Physics), M Ishitsuka (Department of Physics), R Matsumoto (Department of Physics), K Ohta (Department of Physics), M Shinoki (Department of Physics), JF Martin (Department of Physics), CM Nantais (Department of Physics), HA Tanaka (Department of Physics), T Towstego (Department of Physics), R Akutsu (TRIUMF), M Hartz (TRIUMF), A Konaka (TRIUMF), P de Perio (TRIUMF), NW Prouse (TRIUMF), S Chen (Department of Engineering Physics), BD Xu (Department of Engineering Physics), M Posiadala-Zezula (Faculty of Physics), B Richards (Department of Physics), B Jamieson (Department of Physics), J Walker (Department of Physics), A Minamino (Department of Physics), K Okamoto (Department of Physics), G Pintaudi (Department of Physics), R Sasaki (Department of Physics)
Organisation PPD , STFC , Super-Kamiokande
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Journal Article Prog Theor Exp Phys 2021, no. 10 (2021). doi:10.1093/ptep/ptab081 2021