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Disambiguation explained

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Disambiguation is a process which associates all entries from a particular author together, regardless of how they are listed within the database.

For example, an author could be listed as C Jones, CM Jones, Catherine Jones, or by any of those permutations using her maiden name of Grose.

To disambiguate an STFC or Cockcroft Institute author on a paper when adding a new entry to ePubs, click on the 'Lookup' button when entering the author details to the record. A list of all possible matches will be shown and you can 'select' those that are matches.

It is possible to 'Undo' this, if a mistake is made.

When a search is performed within ePubs, those authors who have been disambiguated will appear in italics. However, new entries will require disambiguation.

To disambiguate a person whose details already exist within the database, search for a paper they are known to have contributed to, then select their name from the list of authors. The results displayed will show all author entries in that particular format. The 'disambiguate' link will find all entries that could be the same person using a different entry format.

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